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The Churches of Christ Salute you...Rom.16:16


We are happy to bring you the pure, simple, powerful Gospel of Jesus Christ. We endeavor to "Speak where the Bible speaks and be silent where the Bible is silent; calling Bible things by Bible names; and doing Bible things in Bible ways." The power of God unto salvation is the Word of God and we enjoy the privilege of preaching it without addition or subtraction. 

We also are the home of the Southwestern School of Religion. We train Bible School Teachers; Elders to be; Preachers and all who want to be grounded in the truth. We will have special event classes frequently for your study. We also utilize the Online Academy of Biblical Studies for our core curriculum. 

For those worshipping with us via the Internet who need song books or communion supplies please contact us and send us your requests and we will assist you. Thank you for joining us in studying God's word. Please visit us the next time you travel to our area. We would like to meet you in person.

Schedule Of Services


  • Sunday AM Worship 10:00 AM 

  • Sunday PM Worship 6:00 PM 

  • Wednesday PM Services 7:00 PM 

  • Sunday AM Worship 8:00 AM 

  • Sunday AM Class 9:00 AM 

  • Sunday PM Worship 4:30 PM 

  • Wednesday PM Services 7:00 PM

Announcements & Reminders
  • Birthday Recognition: After evening services every first Sunday.

  • Potluck Lunch - Every last Sunday of the month.

  • Monthly Breakfast - every 1st Saturday morning at 9:00 AM at various locations. Contact Bob Young or Calvin Eary for more information. 

  • Elder's Open Door - Every 2nd Sunday after each service.  This is a good opportunity to take all sugestions, commendations, requests and complaints to the elders face to face.

  • Elders, Deacons, Preacher Meeting - Every 3rd Sunday after AM service.

This Week's Sermon
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