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Tyler Kirkpatrick

Tyler Kirkpatrick was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. At the Oakey Boulevard Church of Christ in Las Vegas, he was provided the opportunity to fill in and preach on occasion. He attended the Memphis School of Preaching and graduated with the equivalent of a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies in 2011. From 2011-2013, he worked at the West Visalia Church of Christ as an associate preacher under Cliff Sabroe and the elders of the congregation in Visalia, CA. Upon completion of the two year preaching position in Visalia, he moved to Sacramento, CA where he worked as the full-time pulpit preacher for the Central Church of Christ. Tyler is now the preacher here, at Oakey Boulevard church of Christ. Tyler is married to the lovely Geraldine Rodriguez.h 7th, 2014.

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